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White Corn Pancake Scrambled Eggs (Arepa y Huevos Revueltos)

This is a typical Colombian breakfast, the corn pancake with a side of scrambled eggs. But this version is both ingredients cooked in one saute pan together. I got this recipe from my father, he says he invented it but … Continue reading

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Chipotle Apricot Cream Cheese Spread

So mother got this recipe off a Mexican friend of hers. Thought this was genius! Super delicious and works great as an appetizer for parties, get togethers, or as a snack. Easy to prepare and only takes 3 minutes and … Continue reading

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Went to Miami.

I know I’ve been a ghost lately but I was with mother down in Miami. Didn’t have time to blog or even take a lot of photos from running up and down with her visiting family and friends since I … Continue reading

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Breaded Fish with Cilantro (Pescado Apanado con Cilantro)

Breaded fish is most typical for having by the beach on a beautiful sunny day on the coast of Ecuador. When visiting the beaches of Salinas or Montanita I always crave fresh fish caught minutes before. Every restaurant on the seashore make Pescado Apanado, it’s a traditional … Continue reading

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"Chinatown" Flushing.

Today was an interesting day. I’ve never been in Flushing (Queens) and I live 5 minutes away. I was lost in translation walking through the streets with signs in Chinese and surrounded by food I’ve never seen or tried before. … Continue reading

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Stir Fry Beef with Pickled Onions (Charquican)

No this is not the Chilean Stew also called Charquican. This is different. A traditional meal prepared in an Ecuadorian home. The poor and rich equally enjoy this dish. It’s made out of cheap and flavorful ingredients. Easy and fast … Continue reading

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Pickled Onions (Encurtido de Cebolla)

This is a typical condiment in Ecuador. Goes great with ceviche, soups, rice, hot dogs, or caramelized and topped on meat, chicken, and pork. This lasts in the refrigerator for 8 days. Grab this on the go when too lazy … Continue reading

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