Went to Miami.

I know I’ve been a ghost lately but I was with mother down in Miami. Didn’t have time to blog or even take a lot of photos from running up and down with her visiting family and friends since I was there for only 3 days. Couple hours ago just got home, took a nap, and now blogging.

Thanksgiving was amazing I missed my family so so much and the food was delicious! Everyone brought their own dishes. There was rice, stuffing, cauliflower gratin, carrot souffle, ham, and of coarse turkey. Mother brought her famous aji picante, I did a chicken liver mousse and a simple delicious salad from Laylitas Recipes that I changed a bit of the ingredients since the only supermarket that was open on Thanksgiving was a Sedanos (very hispanic market) didn’t have frisee or goat cheese. So I substituted with baby romaine and feta cheese and it was a hit at the party. I’m so bummed I didn’t have the chance to take any photos from being so caught up with the family and all. I need to get the hang of taking photos of my travels!

What I did have a chance to take photos of was mothers cooking at home when we were alone.

Here’s an Arepa with Shrimp:

Spicy Saucey Cream Cheese:

Her Famous Breakfast Bolon:




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