Trip to Colombia. Part Uno.

So about 2 weeks ago I made my way to Colombia. Starting in Bogota and traveled to Villa de Leyva, Girardot, Armenia, Montenegro, Valle de Cartago, Ibague, and all the little towns “pueblos” on the way to each place. I had a splendid time eating, learning, taking pictures, admiring, and visiting family & friends. Colombia is really a magical country full of surprises. I can’t wait to share with you recipes that I brought back home with me. I also bought 4 Colombian cooking books which I’m also excited to start cooking out of and sharing with you all.

To start off the first hours that I arrived to Bogota I was given an aromatic beverage. Something like a tea but it’s called an Aromatica de Cidrón an Aromatic of Cidron. This  herb is good for stress, nerves, and anxiety. The leaves were cooked in a pot of boiling water for about 5 minutes then steeped in for another 5 minutes, strained and served warm. It had a scent of lime and tastes a bit gingery and lemony. I was quite relaxed after.

That night I ate at a cool, hip, modern restaurant called WOK which of course sell asian food that are cooked in the wok! Delicious food, a place you must go to if you’re ever in Bogota. I started with a warm beverage of the famous Aromatica de Frutas Aromatic of Fruits, which is fruits steeped in boiling water (easy right?) and very delicious! For the appetizer I ordered some dumplings and for my meal I had some good ol’ fried rice which had apple, celery, chicken, and rice. What a great meal that was!

To Be Continued…



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