Trip to Colombia. Part Dos.

CREPES & WAFFLES is a restaurant famous for their desserts, crepes, waffles, soups, salads, coffee….Well i guess you can say everything. It’s a comfy place to go to any hour of the day and enjoy a delicious plate of savory and sweet crepes. In the first photo I shared a trio sorbet dessert with amazing tropical flavors, the second photo is a savory 3 cheese crepe, caramalized onions, and a delightful salad, and the third picture is a nutella waffle (oh my I want one now, my mouth is watering) hehe. You’ll  find this restaurant easy to find, because it’s practically everywhere! So, Crepes & Waffles is a must.

So my first trip around the country was to Villa De Leyva, a colonial town about 3 hours away from Bogota. The town is famous for their adventurous tours, restaurants, fossil museum,  history, waterfall, and the architecture. What I did here was go on a 4 wheeler out of the city to the famous Piriquera waterfall about an hour away, had lunch at a Peruvian restaurant, and explore about. A safe touristy place to go to when you’re in Colombia.

(Photo Above: A peruvian appetizer called a Causa de Camarones which is Limed Mashed Potatoes and cooked shrimp, the sauce on it is simply ketchup. Delish!)

(Photo Above: This was my lunch a bread crusted pan seared fish gratin and french fries, this was amazingly good. That orange fruit there is called Uchuva or also known as Cape gooseberry fruit, it’s got this sour sweet taste to it, goes great for any dish like the cherry on top ^_^)

Oh before I end this post….Take a look at these…

(Photo Above: This was the appetizer for lunch at Entrepues, a restaurant from Medellin but located about 30 minutes from Bogota on way to Villa de Leyva. We had Patacones con Hogao y Guacomole, Fried Green Plantain with a Tomato Sauce and Guacamole. A great way to start off lunch!)

(Photo Above: This is called a Picada which means to pick at, a dish to share with about 4-5 people. It contains meat, meat, meat, and of course the arepa! We had this dish when we were on our way to Villa de Leyva.)

(Photo Above: This is a juicy grilled Colombian corn. My favorite side dish!)

Now isn’t your mouth watering?……Mine is.

To Be Continued…


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