So Thanksgiving is in 6 days. Need recipe ideas?? Well, here they are!!


Mini Zucchini Bites (Note: Can be made the day before. Cover and serve next day at room temperature)

Sardine Croquettes (Note: You can make this an hour before your guests arrive and keep warm in the oven at 200F until ready to serve)

Shrimp Fritter w/ Peanut Coconut Sauce (Note: For the Shrimp Fritters you can do the same procedure as the Sardine Croquettes. For the sauce you can keep warm on low on the stove top until ready to serve.)

Chicken Terrain (Note: You can make this the day before.)

Tuna Croquette (Note: For the croquettes you can do the same procedure as the Sardine Croquettes)

Chipotle Apricot Cream Cheese Spread

Sweet Plantain Balls (Note: You can do the same procedure as the sardine croquettes.)

Mother’s Hot Salsa (Note: This can be pureed in a food processor. Needs to be made same day.)

Side Dishes:


Potatoes w/ Cheese Sauce

Carrot Soup

Avocado & Apple Salad

Savory Carrot Souffle

Onion Pie

Savory Corn Souffle


Apple Flan

Coffee & Banana Pie (Note: You can make the crust 2 days before or use store-bought pre-made kinds.)

Orange w/ Apple Cake

Apple Crumble

Hope these recipe’s help. Enjoy!!




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One Response to Thanksgiving!

  1. Jessie Yost says:

    Wow! Delicious line-up. I am so excited for food, wine and family day!

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