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4 Days until Christmas Eve. Need recipe idea’s? Here are some of my fav’s! Appetizers: Chicken Terrain (Note: You can make this the night before) Chipotle Apricot Cream Cheese Spread Mother’s Hot Salsa (Note: Needs to be made the day … Continue reading

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Coconut Delights (Cocadas)

Last Saturday I made these coconut delights to take to my friend’s house. We had these for dessert and they are just divine. This dessert/snack is Colombian and most popular on the coast. A soft, sweet, delicious cookie like treat … Continue reading

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Drunk Bread (Pan Borracho)

This is another recipe my co-worker friend Claudia shared with me verbally in which I calculated the measurements of each ingredient on my own. This bread came out delicious! The texture is super different, one I’ve never made before. The … Continue reading

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Chicken Terrain (Turron de Pollo)

This recipe comes from a Colombian lady I work with. Her name is Claudia and she is known to make the best Colombian dishes in the whole company. Father loves it when she brings lunch for him. On Monday she … Continue reading

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Holiday Edition: Onion Pie/Quiche-ish (Pastel de Cebolla)

!! Before scrolling down and ignoring this recipe. This is delicious! No worries, it doesn’t have that icky onion taste or doesn’t leave that smell in your mouth (trust me). It’s a savory side dish from Ecuador for holidays, parties, … Continue reading

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Holiday Edition: Savory Corn Souffle (Torta de Choclo de Sal)

This side dish is a favorite for either Christmas/Thanksgiving or regular Dinner, for breakfast with coffee, and/or as a snack. It’s kind of an Ecuadorian “corn bread”….It can also be sweet which later on I will share with you. It’s soft to the bite, has a delicious sweet … Continue reading

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Holiday Edition: Colombian Cheese Fritters (Buñuelos)

Buñuelos are a must in every Colombian home on Christmas Eve, served traditionally with  Natilla. If eaten for breakfast or as a snack it can be paired with chocolate milk or jam. They are not sweet and are made with … Continue reading

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