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Green Plantain Pancake w/ Cheese and Tomato Scallion Sauce (Arepa de Platanos Verde con Queso y Salsa de Tomate y Cebolla)

Yes, another frying recipe. Don’t you love it? This dish is super delish and easy to make. So I mixed a bit of Ecuadorian w/ Colombian in this recipe. Plantains with cheese represents well, both (hehe) and the pancake feel … Continue reading

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Bolitas de Maduros (Sweet Plantain Balls)

This recipe represents most of all the Hispanics. We’re always using green and sweet plantains for anything. Side dish, an appetizer, or even as a dessert! I bring you an appetizer well-known most of all in Ecuador. You must use … Continue reading

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Brunch at Abuela’s.

Yesterday I paid a visit to my grandmother. I always go on the weekends and she’ll always prepare something delicious. She’s Colombian my father’s mother. At 76 years old she still manages to always stay busy and never let laziness … Continue reading

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